How to get free fully functional wordpress websites

How to get free fully functional WordPress websites

Are you looking for free fully functional wordpress websites ?

Then you are at the right place. In this article, I will be showing you multiple options where you can get free WordPress websites.

Instead of spending a huge amount of time on building a website from scratch, you can just import the website, edit the content and use it.

You need to have a theme installed before you can import any of the below templates. I would suggest you to go for Astra theme. It is lightweight and gives a lot of options for customization.

Note: Before you import template from any of the below-mentioned methods. I suggest you to take a backup of your website or try it on your local machine first.

So let’s start

1) Astra starter templates

Astra is one of the most popular themes available in WordPress. Astra also provides WordPress templates through a plugin which are actually fully functional websites that you can just import and edit the contents according to your needs. Let me show you how

a) Go to Add new plugin and search for “starter templates”.

b) Install “Starter Templates – Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg & Brizy Templates”.

c) After installing and Activating the plugin, click on Plugins in the dashboard menu.

d) search for starter templates plugin and click “See Library” .

e) Choose any page builder and a list with all the available templates will appear. The templates with “Agency” tag on them are premium templates and rest are free.

f) click on any free template, on the next page there will be 2 options given at the bottom right corner. “Import complete site” and “Import particular page template”.

g) click on import complete site. It will ask you permission for all the things that are required by the template. Follow and complete the process and you will see everything imported.

h) Now change basic settings like menu, home page and you are good to go.

It has many good free templates and if you want better then you can always go for premium templates from here.

2) Envato Elements

Envato elements provides really good free elementor templates. You can directly import them, edit them and use them as you like. Let me show you the steps

a) Go to Add plugin and search Envato. Install and activate “Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates”.

b) Click on “Elements” in dashboard menu. Select “Free Template Kits”.

c) Install any kit that you want. Now go to “Installed kits” option in “Elements” menu. Click on any of the installed kits. If it asks you to install any requirements, do it. The option “Install Requirements” would be at the top right corner.

d) From here you can import any page that you want in your WordPress website.

There are premium template kits also available from Envato. For more information click here.

So, these 2 are most popular and widely used. There are other options as well in the form of plugins like Kadence Starter Templates, SKT Templates which you can try.

If you are building a website for yourself or for your clients. Using these plugins will save you a lot of time.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a good day.

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